Fume Cupboard Control v5 | Intelec Systems

Fume Cupboard Control V5

Fume Control features include:

  •   Backlit 2 line LCD screen that displays to the operator all functions of the control

  •   5 button touch panel display with LED indicators for easy operation

  •   Separate Display panel and Relay circuit boards connected via RS485


  •   Air flow sensing input for monitoring correct air velocity

  •   Two programmable digital inputs that could be utilized for various

    functions depending on your requirements

  •   1 minute pre-purge and selectable 5 or 20 minute post-purge timers

  •   Dual displays can be connected for double sash fume cupboards

  •   Alarm indication for loss of power (as required by AS/NZS 2243.8)

  •   Easy installation for new and existing fume cupboards

  •   Control complies totally with AS/NZS 2243.8 

FCV5 Kit Includes:

fume cupboard control v5 Kit | Intelec Systems