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Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality, environmentally-minded electronics design and manufacture.


Intelec specialises in fume cupboard controls, environmental air-conditioning controls, and automated controls for energy saving and smoke clearance.


Our high quality electronic design and manufacture of controls has allowed us to expand our skills towards designing & manufacturing products for companies in specific niche markets.

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We strive to maintain leadership in technical innovation of electrical systems through reliable, and environmentally minded electronics design and manufacturing. 

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We place great value in providing safe and ethical customer and user experiences.

Our Vision

At Intelec Systems, we are driven by the vision of creating seamless and connected experiences for our customers. Our commitment is to empower individuals to embrace the potential of automation, allowing them to effortlessly manage their spaces, enhance security, and enjoy the convenience of smart environments.


At the core of our vision is the development of a state-of-the-art automation hub, a central nerve centre that intelligently connects all aspects of your environment. This hub will act as a control panel for your space, effortlessly managing various devices and systems. Whether it's security, lighting, climate control including air conditioning, pool pumps and equipment or appliance management, our central hub will bring everything together, allowing you to control and monitor your smart environment with ease.

Enhanced Security
& Access Control

We understand the importance of feeling safe and secure in your environment. Our smart solutions will offer advanced security features that go beyond traditional measures. With an integrated security system, you will have peace of mind knowing that your front door lock is not only capable of granting access to authorised individuals but also accommodating helpers or aid persons when needed. This functionality will even allow you to control your garage door remotely, ensuring convenient and secure entry for yourself and others.

Effortless Environment

Imagine spaces that respond to your needs in real-time. With our smart controls automating the opening and closing of windows, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of natural airflow based on real-time conditions such as temperature, rain, pollution, or wind. Likewise, with a simple voice command, app control, or through local control options, you will be able to create the perfect conditions for any space including the ability to set the right ambience and mood with customisable internal and external lighting.


Our power circuit management features will allow you to effortlessly control standing lamps and other plugged-in devices, providing you with the ultimate convenience at your fingertips. Additionally, our smart system will integrate with air conditioning units, pool pumps, and other equipment, enabling you to manage and optimise energy consumption effortlessly.

Unleashing the Power
of Smart Devices

Our vision for smart environments extends to embracing smart appliances. With our integrated system, you will seamlessly connect and control a range of smart appliances, making your daily tasks more efficient and convenient. From managing appliances to optimising energy usage, our smart automation will empower you to streamline your routines and enhance your lifestyle.

Reliable & Future-
Proof Solutions

We understand that technology evolves rapidly, which is why we are committed to creating smart technology that remains up-to-date and functional. Our central hub is designed with built-in redundancy, meaning that even in the event of remote connectivity loss, your home automation system remains in control.


You can rest assured that as newer technologies emerge, our smart home solutions will seamlessly integrate and adapt, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a connected lifestyle for years to come.

The Future

At Intelec Systems, we are thrilled to embark on this new chapter, expanding our product offerings into the exciting world of smart devices and home automation. Our vision is to enable you to live and work in connected spaces where convenience, comfort, and security converge seamlessly. Welcome to the future of smart automation.

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