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The fume cupboard controller powering Australian commercial laboratories for over 30 years.

Keep your lab running safely and efficiently with the FCV4 Fume Cupboard Controller.

Australia's longest standing commercial fume cupboard controller.

Providing an intuitive and tactile user experience for operators of all skill levels, the durable construction and seamless integration of the FCV4 makes it the perfect solution for demanding applications and busy laboratories of all sizes.

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Cost effective saftey.

Keeping your lab running safely and efficiently is made easy with the FCV4 Fume Cupboard Control. Reducing operating costs while providing reliable time-saving functionality and improved energy efficiency makes the FCV4 a must-have for all serious commercial laboratories in Australia. 

Energy saving.

By monitoring the sash position, the FCV4 controller automatically adjusts fan speeds to maintain a constant face velocity as the sash position changes. This results in significant energy saving as less conditioned air is exhausted from the lab. 

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Visibility and control.

The sleek design, self-diagnostic capabilities, cross communication, and suite of fully programmable functionalities makes the FCV4 simple to use while delivering operators up-to-date feedback that keeps them informed and in control of their fume cupboard’s environment.


FCV4 Product Features

  • Simple installation and integration with existing systems

  • Easy-to-use touch panel display with tactile membrane buttons

  • Self-diagnostics with audible and visual alarm indicators (including 1 hour after loss of power as required by AS/NZS 2243.8

  • Compatible with variable and single fan speed fume cupboards

  • Automated energy saving operations with automatic adjustments for fluctuations in air supply (or should this be air flow)

  • Ability to interconnect controls using RS 485 communication where multiple fume cupboards are present to prevent reverse air flow through cupboards not in use​

Talk to us about energy saving and cost-reduction solutions for your environments.

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