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The #1 fume cupboard control system for education environments and small laboratories.

The simple, safe, and reliable way to control your school's fume cupboards. 

FCV5 Fume Cupboard Controller for Schools


Developed with maximum student and operator safety in mind, the FCV5 fume cupboard controller is fully compliant with AS/NZ safety standards. Built in safety alarms and monitoring provide an extra layer of protection by notifying users of any hazards as they arise.


The 5-button touch panel interface provides users of all skills levels with a simple, safe, and hassle-free experience when operating their fume cupboard.


With no serviceable parts, fully supported back up, and 24/7 technical support, the FCV5 fume cupboard controller is the perfect solution for your school or small lab environment.

Making fume cupboard operation simple and safe.

Designed for use in schools, small laboratories, and education environments, the FCV5 fume cupboard controller is the perfect solution where simple and safe operation are paramount. 

FCV5 Fume Cupboard Controller Alarm Mute Function
  • Separate display panel and relay circuit boards connected via RS485 communications 

  • Two programmable digital inputs allowing for customisable functions to suit your requirements 

  • 1 minute pre-purge and selectable 5- or 20-minute post-purge timers 

  • Dual displays can be connected for double sash fume cupboards 

  • Alarm indication for loss of power (as required by AS/NZS 2243.8) 

  • Designed for single speed fan operation, not variable speed. 

  • Fully compliant with AS/NZ safety standards 

  • Easy installation and integration for new and existing fume cupboards

  • Designed with maximum student and operator safety in mind 

  • Easy to use 5 button touch panel interface with LED indicators for easy operation at any skill level 

  • Airflow monitoring and control 

  • Backlit 2-line LCD screen giving operators full visibility over systems and functions 

FCV5 Product Features

Because the right solutions create a safer environment for everyone.

Our dedicated team are here to work with you to find the ultimate solutions for your budget, project and environment.

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