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Controls designed to automate your motors and actuators with cutting-edge technology.

Simplify and secure your commercial, residential and laboratory environments with cost-saving automation controls.

Intuitive automation systems that make work and home life simple and safe.

Powerful smart controls that automatically open and close motor drives and actuators, including fume cupboards through drive motor control with the touch of a button or hands free detection.

Power Sash

Improve your lab safety, technician efficiency and reduce rising energy costs all with one solution.

Power Sash delivers improved safety features for your laboratories while preventing energy loss from exhausting expensive conditioned air.

Specialty Applications

Does your project require custom-built automation technology and hardware that aren't available off the shelf?

We work with suppliers and you to create unique automation solutions that fit your residential and commercial specifications.

More solutions with Intelec’s automation hardware and technology.

Adaptable to your environment

With a range of mounting options, your sash and fume cupboard automation solutions can be installed in a variety of ways that work best for you and your environment.

Automate hidden motors & actuators

We work with suppliers who can provide fully concealed systems that drive automatic opening and closing for custom projects and speciality applications at the tap of a button, or with automatic detection. The perfect solution for hiding servery openings in benches and walls.

Backup power for 24/7 operation

Built-in systems ensure that your automation technology continues to operate for a period of time even during power failure.

Talk to us about smart automation solutions for your environments.

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