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The fume cupboard automation technology reducing operating costs and improving laboratory efficiency.

Power Sash automates fume cupboard operation making it easier and safer for technicians to work with hazardous materials efficiently.

How Power Sash is
saving labs money.

We’ve helped our clients see an average ROI of 2.5 years when implementing our auto sash system as an energy-saving solution. How do we do it?

When your fume cupboard is unattended or the sash is left open, expensive conditioned air gets wasted. Fume cupboard fans run at higher speeds and costly conditioned air is needlessly exhausted out of the building. With Power Sash’s automatic detection features enabled, this doesn't happen.

When a lab technician approaches the fume cupboard, Power Sash will automatically detect the user and open.

When the fume cupboard is no longer being used, or a user is no longer detected, Power Sash automatically closes the sash.

This is a vital safety feature that can help to prevent accidents by ensuring that the sash is only open when someone is using the fume cupboard.


This feature also significantly reduces energy costs in ways no other provider was addressing before now.


Safely working with dangerous chemicals

Transporting dangerous chemicals and hazardous materials to and from your fume cupboard has never been easier or safer.

By eliminating the need to open and close the fume cupboard, lab techs are able to freely work safely and efficiently.

Our auto sash system helps lab technicians feel more confident and in control when working with dangerous materials.

Assisted Opening and Closing

One of the main benefits of automated fume cupboard sashes is that they can be opened and closed without the need for manual intervention.

This is particularly useful when your hands are full or when you are wearing gloves, so you can operate the sash without contaminating your work.

Automate hidden doors & windows

In the event of a fire, our remote activation feature allows the sash to be automatically opened safely for smoke clearance with no physical intervention required.

Additionally, in the event of chemical spills or accidents, the emergency activation feature closes the sash to contain harmful materials when pressing the emergency stop button.

Backup power for 24/7 operation

This allows the sash to be opened and closed with a light press, after which the power sash takes over to complete the opening or closing operation.


This is a much safer way of operating a fume cupboard than having to manually open and close the sash, as it reduces the risk of accidental injury.

Benefits of Power Sash

Full backup with 24/7 technical support

Customisable options for your environments

Cost reduction through energy loss prevention

Simple installation and operation for existing cupboards



Our service technicians require only 15 minutes per unit for complete on-site servicing.


We recommend having this completed every 6 months for both chain and belt driven models to ensure thorough cleaning and lubrication of parts for lasting performance.


Some cases may require more frequent servicing, which includes checking all connections and clamps to ensure everything operates correctly.

24/7 Technical Support

Day or night, our team is available to help operators with real-time problem diagnosis and resolution to ensure your system is back up and running in no time.


Local Parts Availability

Local parts availability ensures your services are back up and running faster. 

This means faster turnaround times for repairs and replacement parts, as well as a wider range of parts at significantly reduced costs.

Talk to us today about your laboratory, education or commercial environment.

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