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Griffith University N79 Building

Project:     Griffith University, N79 Building

Location:   Nathan, QLD

The N79 Aviation and Technology building at Griffith University boasts an array of cutting-edge features. Equipped with specialized laboratories, workshops, and engaging spaces, it also houses a simulation studio and an energy research zone on its roof. What sets the N79 building apart are the three adaptable lower floors, which can seamlessly transform into dynamic event spaces, leveraging the central atrium. Adding to its allure is the 10m high laboratory, complete with a gantry upon which a lightweight aircraft or vehicle can be suspended.

Beyond its physical attributes, the entire structure operates as a pioneering 'Living Laboratory.' Over 30 sensors disseminate real-time data on the building's energy, water, and structural performance, providing students with valuable insights for their studies. Fostered by robust industry partnerships, this architectural marvel represents a significant investment in fostering an environment where students and faculty can thrive through innovation and creativity.

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