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James Cook University, The Science Place

Project:     James Cook University, Science Place

Location:   Townsville, QLD

At James Cook University's The Science Place, our Power Sash fume cupboard automation technology has revolutionised laboratory safety and efficiency. This innovative system automates fume cupboard operation, ensuring that sashes open automatically when a technician approaches and close when not in use. This not only enhances safety in handling hazardous materials but also significantly reduces energy consumption. With features like assisted opening and closing, emergency containment in case of spills, and remote activation for smoke clearance, Power Sash aligns perfectly with the university's commitment to cutting-edge and sustainable research environments.

The integration of Power Sash at The Science Place exemplifies our commitment to advancing scientific research facilities. Our system offers an impressive average ROI of 2.5 years, thanks to its energy-saving capabilities. Additionally, the ease of installation in existing cupboards, 24/7 technical support, and local parts availability ensure that the system is both user-friendly and reliable. Through Power Sash, The Science Place at James Cook University has set new standards in laboratory efficiency and safety, embodying the institution's pioneering spirit in scientific exploration and sustainability.

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