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Springfield Anglican College

Architecturally award winning project with an environmentally conscience airflow solution.

Project Overview

In 2018, Architecture Kōen achieved remarkable recognition, securing the prestigious Educational Architectural Award in the Queensland Architecture Awards for their outstanding work on the Springfield Anglican College Year 1 Classrooms. This project incorporated a cutting-edge and environmentally conscious airflow solution through the implementation of smart actuators that interact with the HVAC system.


Our client supplied a smart system that provided an environmentally conscious airflow solution for the classrooms. As soon as the air conditioning is activated, the actuators respond by automatically closing and securely locking, preventing any unauthorised openings.


The system's functionality was carefully tailored to offer utmost convenience and customisation for individual room operations. Each classroom was equipped with a manual switch, enabling teachers and staff to control their specific room conditions, subject to any conflicts with the HVAC or preset timers. Additionally, a user-friendly touch screen was installed, providing a comprehensive overview of the system's status and allowing minor adjustments and scheduling with the added security of an on-board security code. The system also contains an 'auto close' for building shut down in the evening, and individual room switching permitting timed operation out of hours.


In addition to these features, the system is capable of monitoring the environment and reacting when required. For example, In the event of a smoky external fire, the smart system automatically triggers the closure of windows, preventing the spread of harmful fumes. Likewise, the system continuously monitors indoor temperatures and will automatically activate the actuators to enhance ventilation if conditions become too hot. 


Ensuring energy conservation and mindful usage, the actuators come with an 'auto close' feature, which ensures they close during building shutdown hours and can be timed to operate outside regular hours. Furthermore, we implemented innovative sensor-based settings, enabling the actuators to respond to external factors like rain, strong winds, temperature fluctuations, smog, and even specific times for optimal performance. Moreover, if actuators are left open when leaving a building, actuators can be set to close when movement is detected outside. 


The heart of this advanced system is an Australian-designed and manufactured plug-n-play piece of technology. It provides unparalleled convenience with on-site viewing, as well as remote access and interaction from anywhere in the world, all fortified by robust security protocols. 


Automated actuators provide easy to use, convenient, environmentally conscious airflow solutions and lifestyle options to residential and commercial buildings. Our design embodies the latest advancements in technology and is sure to elevate the quality of life and the overall experience of the occupants, making it a truly remarkable achievement in architectural innovation.


Intelec's Contribution

In the prestigious Springfield Anglican College Year 1 Classrooms project, Intelec Systems played a pivotal role in revolutionising motor and actuator automation, crafting a sophisticated and user-centric control system that seamlessly integrates with the building's existing infrastructure. 


The fusion of our client's system and Intelec's ingenuity has manifested in the user-friendly and eco-conscious actuator automation system, now fully integrated into the Springfield Anglican College Year 1 Classrooms. This project stands as a testament to Intelec’s unwavering dedication to innovation, meticulous craftsmanship in design and manufacturing, and our commitment to delivering high-quality tailored solutions.


Customised Software and Hardware Development

Given the unique requirements of the project, and the absence of an off-the-shelf ready-made solution, Intelec Systems designed and engineered custom software and hardware to address the challenges. This innovative piece of technology empowered the automated opening and closing of windows within specified hours, doubling as a security feature.


Additionally, when our system detects the activation of air conditioning, it instantly receives a signal and automatically closes any open windows. Beyond the scheduled hours, a local switch in each classroom allows users to manually open the windows for a predetermined time frame, after which the actuators autonomously close.


In addition to these unique features, our system also incorporates a power-cut feature that not only prevents motor burnout, but also enhances energy efficiency through optimised energy consumption.


Control Node Interface

We designed a specialised control node that seamlessly interfaces with the master control hub. This hub is the nerve centre of the system, enabling essential features such as time-clock controls and after-hours operation.


The time-clock is an automation feature that controls the opening and closing of actuators between precisely scheduled time periods, while local switches in each zone provide users with manual control, with the actuators automatically closing after the set time period to conserve energy.


Integration with HVAC System

Intelec Systems integrated our solution with the classroom air conditioning units, creating a harmonious synergy between the HVAC and window actuators. When a classroom's air conditioning system is activated, our technology ensures that any open windows are promptly closed, maintaining an energy-efficient and comfortable environment.


Temperature Control

Although temperature control was not a primary focus of this project, we built the system to be expandable. If required, it can be easily adapted to automatically open and close windows based on indoor and outdoor temperature fluctuations. For instance, if the indoor temperature surpasses a predefined threshold, the windows will open to introduce cooler air, enhancing comfort while conserving energy.



Security was of paramount concern throughout the project. We implemented state-of-the-art security protocols to safeguard both on-site and off-site control of the actuators. This ensures that the system remains robustly protected against unauthorised access and tampering.


Energy Efficiency

At Intelec Systems, energy conservation is a high priority. Our system's intelligent automation not only optimises energy usage but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-conscious environment.


The collaborative effort between our client's vision and Intelec's innovative and technical expertise culminated in the creation of a user-friendly, environmentally conscious actuator automation system that seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure while adapting effortlessly to environmental changes, enhancing both safety and comfort.

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